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At North Star General Contractor, roofing is our specialty among a very wide range of services we provide, with a great sense of responsibility and fulfillment for all the projects we have been requested to carry out in over 25 years we have operated in the construction field in the five boroughs of New York, during which we have satisfied many clients and gained their trust and an excellent reputation among homes and business owners.

As an extension of the Roofing Systems Installation service, we also provide services related to the restoration and repair of the entire roof system of your properties and cover both residential and commercial built roofs. In this regard, our company is devoted to enhancing the quality of the roof projects for which you have paid, and which require attention and intervention by qualified roofing staff, and that is our purpose.



But, what is the difference between restoring and repairing a roof?

It is worth making a differentiation between what a roof restoration and a roof repair are; but first, there is an important term about which we have to make a note: Roof replacement. This is the process or service that must be carried out when a roof is not a good candidate for restoration or not even a repair. The presence of moss and mildew, moisture in the roof deck, and a large record of leaks are factors that might compel to opt for this alternative, without hesitating. To know more about roof replacement, visit our Roofing Systems Installation section.

Anyway, it is crucial for you to know that any roof needs to be regularly inspected, and must receive proper maintenance and cleaning; this to make sure about the conditions it is in, something helpful that will make you keep you from spending unnecessary amounts of money, and will avoid errands once you have sought, identified and assessed the size and impact of the damages in your structure.

Roof Restoration

Restoration is a refurbishment of a roofing system.
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Restoration is a refurbishment of a roofing system. It involves everything associated with maintenance and the enhancement of the appearance and conditions of this one. However, the main objective is to address damages when a roof is worn out and old. Obviously, we follow a protocol so that we can guarantee you a high-quality work: the inspection and assessment are made by our contractor; in case of finding leaks, missing or broken shingles, and damaged flashings, we proceed to perform the repair of these issues, to subsequently carry out the restoration process. It is easier to restore a flat roof, as a shingle roof is generally repaired or replaced by default.

Cleaning and painting over old and worn areas are part of this service, and that is why this protects against leaks and other damages, as restoration is protective, preventive and can extend the lifespan of your roof which can vary greatly among individual roofs. So this will become a durable and well-functioning roofing solution.

However, talking specifically about our best flat roof restoration method, which is within the category of reflective roofs, we must mention the application of a seamless restoration membrane, that refers to the roof coating which ends up being a cool roof, and in turn, the solution for almost every issue of flat roofs.

But, what is a Cool Roof, and why does it work so well?

A Cool Roof is a highly emissive and reflective material that can play a fundamental role in the handling of high temperatures caused by sun and its consequences for a living or business place. As there are several types of cool roofs, as far as we are concerned, at North Star General Contractor, we usually recommend and are expert in performing the application of white reflective roof coverings, or said in the same manner: ''White Roofs'' which are typically composed by ingredients that give them that color and at the same time make them reflective and emissive.

A ‘White’ or ‘Cool’ roof coating acts like a viscose paint with a natural appearance similar to yogurt, whose viscosity vary by age, stirring and temperature, and must generally be applied over an existing roof substrate such as a single ply membrane like the TPO, a polymeric roof membrane like the EPDM or a Modified Bitumen Roofing System, which are the candidates we also build at our company, among others.

Roof Repair

Repair focuses on fixing a specific part of the roof as needed.

Repair focuses on fixing a specific part of the roof as needed. It is common to find damages or issues that would be considered by many people as easy to repair by themselves, and believe in turn, that the solution is in their hands, like replacing a broken shingle by another new one or replacing ridge vents, among other common damages. But, do not be misled in thinking that way; let us explain it to you:

We suggest you accept that most of the times, in this context, the solution is not to your reach, and the best is hiring an expert for the performance of this labor, which requires trained staff. We could mention water filtrations or leaks, or when your roof damage is severe, or if previous repairs made to your property have not been sustained over time or have not provided good resistance. Do not wait too long to repair your roof, as a little damage can turn into a bigger problem, which, in turn, will result in significant additional costs for you.

North Star General Contractor performs roof repairs at the areas in need, or acts in order for the restoration to take place.


Special Attention

Hiring any untrained person to address your roof damages can become a double-edged sword without you knowing it. We understand that looking for low prices and give a break to the pocket is of great importance for everybody, but no one should fall into the error of treating a professional matter without the necessary objectivity to achieve good results in your property projects. Understand that if you do so, very serious accidents can occur, compromising the integrity of that person and even their life. If this happens, you as the property owner would be exposed to demands and monetary penalties such as compensations or in the worst-case scenario getting a prison conviction.

That is why we emphasize that for all forms of repair or a possible restoration, you need to have the advisory and the support of North Star General Contractor who will guarantee safe workmanship as well as a reliable and quality job into your hands. The key is to possess the staff with the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to accomplish it. We as an insured, licensed and certified company have the highly skilled roofers you need.

How to know if I need a replacement, a repair or a restoration for my roof?

You should replace your roof or invest in a roofing system installation when spotting blisters in the same; if this keeps leaking after several repairs; when there are cracks and the joists are fallen into disrepair, or when there are water potholes, as the water warms them and deteriorates the roof. In the same way, if you see curling shingles and/or worn out granules, a roof replacement should be considered. In addition, an old roof that has met its lifespan must always be replaced.

The differences and the set criteria for roof restoration and roof repair were explained previously. The decision to install a new roofing system or restore the existing one will be made by the contractor depending on the evaluation he makes.

Contact us to resolve any issues to your satisfaction and keep in touch with us, and it will be our pleasure to be of service.


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