Why does it work so well? 


A Cool Roof

We use two of the types of white roof coatings that perform better in this context: Acrylic White Roof Coating and Silicone White Roof Coating, and even though their application is relatively easy, trained staff with technical skills and experience in carrying out these types of procedures is always required.

When waterproofing complex structures is required, White Roofs are indicated by their benefits, as they can avoid generating joints or seams. In the same way, they can be applied to complement a newly built roof or for making refurbishments.


Advantages and benefits of using
White Roofs

  • It adjusts easily to complex details.
  • Reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect, and therefore contributes to a positive impact on the global environment.
  • Safer, faster and easier application.
  • Even at low temperatures, it retains its flexibility.
  • Possesses high UV ray resistance as well as a high solar reflectance index.
  • Enhances the aesthetic aspects of a roof, and of course, a house or building.
  • The coating doesn’t contain the petrochemical ingredients commonly present in other roofing materials, which are responsible for higher heat absorption, which translates in more heat inside a property.
  • Your roof surface or rooftop will keep cooler at sun radiation.

Talking about the advantages and positive characteristics that this specific type of roof can provide to a property owner, involves mentioning the benefits related to human comfort and health, but also to the aspect of the financial impact, and they range from the energy efficiency improvement to the enhancement of the protection capacity for the roof itself, such as:

  • It is a seamless waterproofing product.
  • It possesses fast curing.
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility.
  • Protects from wear and tear.
  • The membrane will have permanent resistance to pounding water.
  • Resistance to acid rain, salt particles from sea spray, and other corrosive substances.
  • Long-lasting waterproof properties.
  • Resistance to mold and mildew.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Prevents deterioration by UV radiation.
  • Gives the roof a new look.
  • It can be applied with a roller, a paint sprayer, or a brush.
  • The coating doesn’t contain oily ingredients.

A conventional roof is the hottest place of a house or building when it is in hot weather, and it could be over 50 degrees hotter than the temperature outside. Some researches assure that a cool roof might only be 5° or 10° warmer than the temperature outside under a sunny sky. In the same way, a white roof can help bring a rooftop’s temperature down from 50F° to 60F°. Depending on the context, it can also help lower the indoor temperature by 2C° to 5C° and keep it like that, compared to traditional roofs which in most cases are old, deteriorated and/or are made from materials that absorb heat massively.

A quality cool roof can help save air conditioning costs by as much as 40% and can reduce peak cooling demand by 10%-15%, which will be translated in huge dollar savings for you.


Let us be clear on something: A roof restoration with a white roof coating will allow you to save your existing roof, extending its lifespan for many years to come, because you can reapply repeatedly this product every 10 to 15 years, which may eliminate the need for tearing off your roof. You will save thousands of dollars like this.

But that is not all. As we know how annoying and stressful the heat during summer can be, and how uncomfortable the cold during winter can be, we offer you the possibility to improve the functioning of your roof by installing the components that allow it to perform a double and versatile role in issues of temperature: a high-quality thick insulation, and a perfectly applied white roof membrane, as the solution for all of this, starts with your roof.

Because you don’t have to deal anymore with heat and cold inside your place; you deserve to have your dream shelter, and live in it with the comfort that a perfectly built roof can give you without having to pay more than a fair price for it.

North Star General Contractor specializes in installing and restoring all types of commercial and residential roofs, using the best quality products, and performing safe and flawless processes at every work.

Remember, you should consider a roof restoration when locating moss, mildew and fungus, discolored roof sheets, water stains on your home ceilings, rotten wood, the presence of oxide, and non-fixed, loose or damaged flashings; but also when having issues of temperature caused by weather conditions.

Save up to 70% with a roof restoration instead of tearing off your entire roof, and start saving up to 40% in air conditioning costs, only with us. North Star General Contractor is the bargain you have been waiting for. Call us today for a free evaluation.

North Star General Contractor performs flat and shingle roof restoration.

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