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Regular roof cleaning can protect the life of shingles and shingles, remove harmful algae, sand, dirt, moss and soot, and restore roof color.


Roof cleaning is especially important for homes in tropical areas or homes located near any large seaside or seaside property, because sand and grit from nearby beaches can sink into roof corners and cracks and cause serious damage.

Roof cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job, it requires skills and knowledge.

Old roofs are best cleaned with a soft scrubbing system.

Moss and algae are not only unsightly, but can also cause serious damage to shingles. Debris does not need to be visible from the ground to be severe enough to damage your roof.

Roof pressure cleaning is not an overly expensive service, but a valuable investment in the condition of your home.

To make sure you do everything you can to protect the appearance and condition of your home, consider five things about house roof cleaning in Sarasota and beyond, as well as general but important information about home cleaning. Your home is like. Be sure to discuss this information with a professional roof cleaning contractor, so you know how to best maintain all exterior surfaces of your home and property.

Proper roof pressure washing is not a do-it-yourself job.

Never assume that you can rent a pressure washer and handle roof cleaning yourself. There are many reasons why properly cleaning a home's roof is not a do-it-yourself job, some of which are:

Trying to maintain balance on a roof is inherently dangerous; standing on a gentle slope and trying to operate a heavy, powerful pressure washer is very difficult and nearly impossible for people with no roofing experience. Falling off a roof can result in serious injury or even death.

While keeping your balance on a ladder is also difficult, it is easier to control with a pressure washer, and spraying shingles from below can loosen nails and staples. Those shingles are easier to loosen in high winds and storms! Spraying shingles from below can also cause dangerous and annoying splashing.

Proper and thorough roof cleaning requires certain skills and experience to get into the dirt and debris hidden in the cracks and crevices of the shingles or covered by the dark color of these shingles.

You can't watch the video "How to clean shingles" and learn all about roof cleaning! A professional power cleaning contractor will know how to spotless chimneys, vents, waterproofing and other similar roof features without damaging these areas.

When cleaning the roof, too much pressure will loosen particles from the shingles, which will cause the shingles to become thinner and more brittle. You can even loosen old, loose shingles or blow shingles right off the roof when the pressure of the high pressure cleaner is too high!

A professional pressure washing contractor will know how to use a proper cleaner or surfactant on the roof to dissolve dirt and grime without drying out and damaging the shingles.

For all of these reasons, it is best to leave roof cleaning to a professional outside domestic cleaning company or someone experienced in roof cleaning and cleaning.

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