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North Star General Contractor Inc understands that every house is a dreamed asset as a whole for each and every homeowner who seeks to increase the value of their property. Our mission is none other than satisfy our clients by delivering a quality job which meets all the requirements and needs wanted by them.

Basement waterproofing, finishing and restoration is the work that we perform in this regard, and our sense of responsibility and fulfillment drives us to help you achieve the goal of having a formidable and attractive home in every sense of the word.

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At North Star General Contractor Inc we know that most people in the EEUU are interested in expanding their homes as a result of the willingness to adequately address developments such as the increasing densification of the population; the marriages that generate or lead to the emergence of new households, and the lack of land to build more properties in certain areas. That is why we want to be one of the best general contractors who perform beautiful basement projects in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, offering always the most competitive and affordable prices. 

There are some concepts and tips you should know before taking the decision to invest in any basement project, and they are:

A basement is the underground structure of a house or building usually subject to changes by their owner who is obviously seeking to enhance the functionality of their property. In this regard, we could assure that the main alterations made to this structure are driven by the intention to maximize available land space without increasing the footprint or the area used by this property on its base.

  • Usually, the external structure of a basement is made of poured concrete.
  • The intended use you give to your basement will depend on your priorities and the activities you are going to perform at it. These might be car parking, retail storage, residential space, office, gym or for saving archives.
  • We perform two of the three types of basement waterproofing existing currently:
  1. Type A: Tanking/barrier protection. It consists of a cold applied and fully bonded sheet membrane, to subsequently - as an alternative for the technician- apply an external membrane onto the surface with a brush or a roller.
  1. Type B: Structurally Integral Protection. It basically consists of a structure composed of watertight concrete admixtures which becomes an integral shell acting as a retaining structure. This system also includes joints overlapped.

We can make your previously finished or unfinished basement a comfortable area, by ensuring quality on labor and materials, for giving it back its health and functionality.

Our company uses products that can prevent damage caused by moisture, mold and mildew, and are also long-lasting.

We can make your basement

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